Can we talk?

Audience development Project
Coordination: Tiago Mansilha
Series of talks between the audience and the artists after the performances

It’s through dialogue that boundaries dissolve. To this end, Pedra Dura will promote a series of conversations between the public and artists after the performances.

10 nov
Tutuguri, with Flora Détraz

11 nov
Um gesto que não passa de uma ameaça, with Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz

16 nov
Haze Gaze, with Silvana Ivaldi and José Bragança de Miranda

18 nov
Pedra Lançada, with Luara Raio

Podcast Pedra Dura

This year we are also launching the Pedra Dura Podcast (in Portuguese) to reflect on and debate ideas. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Episode 1# with Tita Maravilha and Cigarra
Episode 2# with Jonas&Lander
Episode 3# with Mélanie Ferreira
Episode 4# with Fvbricia
Episode 5# with Daniel Matos and Joana Duarte
Episode 6# with Luara Raio